GoBoat is a next gen boat sharing platform. The aim is to build the first true boat sharing solution and bring boating to the masses. Only a click away from simple, secure and hassle-free sharing boat experience.


Setting up a project was the biggest challenge. I have been helped by regular communication with the client and a thorough research of similar solutions. Another challenge lays in the complexity of the main dashboard connected to various smaller sections that had to be meaningfully studied and implemented. Dashboard is used by the marina owner and his staff, so it needed to be customized for multiple types of users with different authorities.


I have designed from the ground up a complete boat renting platform including customized dashboard with several interfaces for all the parties. Project includes scheduling, renting, payment systems, reservations etc. I succeeded in creating over 150+ pages of beautiful UI and logical UX. And made the interaction bridge between the boat owners and the customers, available across all devices.

Design process

Research is where it all starts. One of the most important parts in creating design solutions for any existing platform. After accumulating information, the first drafts are transformed into a fundamental idea of functionality. When working from skratch, the most practical approach is creating the screen flow that defines the user journey for the product.

The next step is upgrading the basic mockups to high fidelity wireframes. After making sure the prototype is tested and ready to roll, i give it the final touch. And that’s the moment of finalizing clean, simple and user friendly design.

User persona

User flow


In order to create low fidelity wireframes, i had to spend a certain amount of time on getting to know this rather narrow niche. I started framing the info into a meaningful whole that led us in the right direction toward the high fidelity wireframes. I tend to oversee all the flaws and lacking features of other similar products and perfect the entire user experience.

To make sure the process is going in the right way, i have prototyped different wireframes to check its behaviour to see how it is functioning. The end-product is a crafted interface that compliments the functionality that matches the level of passion and effort invested in the entire creation process.This helped create an intuitive, responsive and flawless cross-platform experience.

UI design

Look and feel of the platform is equally important to make it both appealing and usable. Having the environment in mind, i went with the light mode, one marine blue as the primary color, the rest of the color palette adjusted to it.

The fonts are selected in order to look good in the tables, so i strategically chose Condensed version of the font, due to the saving space in the tables filled with text. Great care has been taken for the color and contrast in the design to make everything visible on the sun-exposed screen.



Departure & Return

Boat Stats


Style Guide

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